Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christ Church (Anglican) in Nazareth, by Duane Alexander Miller

Do you ever wonder what the churches in Nazareth today are like? Very few of them have any documented history, and one of our goals is to document the history of the churches here in our city.

With that in mind, our lecturer in Church History and Theology, Alex Miller, has recently published a brief history of Christ Church, which is the Anglican/Episcopal church here in town. This article appears in St Francis Magazine. The article has some nice pictures of the church as well as some helpful information.

Click to download the PDF of the article.

Mr Miller has also published articles on the following churches in the region:

Church of the Redeemer (Anglican/Episcopal) in Amman, Jordan

The Cathedral Church of St George the Martyr (Anglican/Episcopal) in Jerusalem

The Alliance Church (CMA) in Jerusalem's Old City

If you would like to see some pictures of a few churches check these out:

St Joseph's (Latin) in Nazareth

Annunciation (Orthodox) in Nazareth

Christ Church (Anglican) in Nazareth

St Michael's (Anglican) in Heliopolis, Egypt

If you have pictures of any church in the Middle East and would like to corroborate in a project to preserve photographic records of these structures please contact Mr Miller by leaving a comment on this blog's most recent post, regardless of topic.

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