Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recent Staff Publications: Scott Bridger and Alex Miller

The most recent issue of Saint Francis Magazine has just come out and three articles in it are from members of our NETS staff:

Take up and read: Kenneth Cragg's call for Muslims to engage the Biblical Christ
Kenneth Cragg called Muslims to engage with the Biblical Christ. J. Scott Bridger discusses Cragg’s views in this article. >>Download the article

Reappropriation: an accomodationist hermeneutic of Islamic Christianity
Alex Miller writes about how Muslims who have become followers of Jesus Christ, sometimes adopt new hermeneutical methods for reading the Qur’an. What does Alex mean with this word ‘reappropriation’? >>Download the article

Cracks in the foundation of Islam?
Mr. Miller wonders whether it is justified to say that there are presently cracks in the foundation of Islam. This is suggested by many mission publications, but is it true? >>Download the article