Friday, July 13, 2012

BTh classes for Fall of 2012

For our Arabic-language BTh course we will be offering the following classes at our Nazareth campus in the Fall semester of 2012:

Pastoral Epistles
Peacemaking in Christianity
Church History II

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mary's Well Occasional Papers 1:3, by Azar Ajaj

In this third of our Mary's Well Occasional Papers Azar Ajaj, who lectures in Biblical and Pastoral Studies at Nazareth Seminary, explains how the debate about eschatology is not merely academic in the context of evangelical Christianity in Israel. Included in this paper is a useful summary of the two positions--dispensationalism and Covenant Theology--as well as some personal reflections from his many years of experience in the Holy Land.

Ajaj, Azar. 2012. 'Brother against Brother: Covenant and Dispensationalist Eschatologies in the Context of Israeli Evangelicalism' in Mary's Well Occasional Papers, Vol 1:3, July.

Download the PDF HERE.

Previous occassional papers are here (1:1) and here (1:2).