Monday, November 26, 2012

NETS on Wikipedia

Sooner or later a seminary needs a Wikipedia page...

Here it is.

Let us know what we are missing and we'll add it. Soon to come, I hope, will be that page in Arabic.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miller Botero on Theological Anthropology and Mission

This is not a recent writing of mine, but as it is very related to questions of mission and witness I felt it was worth  posting to our website. The research paper was submitted to the faculty of St Mary's University (San Antonio, Texas) towards the completion of the degree of MA in Theology.

Abstract: A missiological essay on theological anthropology, seeking to balance aspects of the human being and the sacramental, charismatic and evangelical Christian traditions. The author argues that balancing these three traditions corresponds to balancing the body, spirit, and mind of the human being, and that this balance is essential to the success of the Church as it engages its misssion in the world.
Key Words: evangelicalism, charismatic Christianity, sacramentality, theological anthropology, mission.

Citation: Miller Botero, Duane Alexander. 'The Lights we have Kindled'. Unpublished research paper. San Antonio, Texas: St Mary's University 2005.

Get the PDF here. The essay is also available here.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Phil Hill: Paul and Jesus on Marriage and Divorce

Our seminary is glad to announce the publication of Mary's Well Occasional Paper (1:5)

Phil Hill, our dean of students at Nazareth Seminary and lecturer in Church history, has recently composed a research paper for the Evangelical Christian Convention in Israel. We are releasing an edited version of this paper as Mary's Well Occasional Paper 5 (of volume 1).

The Convention is seeking recognition from the State of Israel as an official ecclesial community, which means it should have church laws regarding marriage, re-marriage, and divorce. This careful and valuable study is a contribution towards the formation of such a set of church laws.

Here is a section:

[...] there are at least four views of what Scripture teaches about divorce and remarriage in relation to that covenant. Some, especially in the Anglican Church, hold that marriage is indissoluble, so that neither divorce nor remarriage is allowed. Others hold that divorce is exceptionally permitted in response to cases of adultery or desertion, but not remarriage. A third view is to include in that the right to remarry for the innocent party. This approach was first proposed by the great Christian humanist Erasmus and became the predominant view of the Reformed Churches. Finally, there are those who argue that both divorce and remarriage are permissible for a wider variety of reasons.

Download the PDF HERE
Hill, Phil. ‘Do Jesus and Paul agree with the OT laws concerning marriage, divorce, and remarriage?’ in Mary’s Well Occasional Papers, 1:5, November (Nazareth, Israel: Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary 2012).
Key Words:
Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Covenant, Evangelicals

Editing done by Alex Miller and Stephen Louy.
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