Friday, September 7, 2012

Mary's Well Occasional Papers 1:4 "It is okay to question Allah"...

Nazareth Seminary welcomes you to read our fourth Mary's Well Occasional Paper.
The author presents a theological analysis of Farewell to Islam, by Saiid Rabiipour (Xulon 2009, 348 pages). In analyzing Rabiipour’s writing he argues that Rabiipour’s experience of being trapped in Iran should be read as a metaphor for Islam, both as a religion and as a political structure. In American Christianity Rabiipour finds a space of freedom and liberation. Utilizing the extended metaphor of his de facto captivity in Iran, Rabiipour offers both an American, Christian apologetic, and a critique of Islam as a religion and a politic.

Key Words
Liberation theology, Iranian Christianity, ex-Muslim, Muslim-background believer, MBB, freedom
And here is the bibliography:
Miller, Duane Alexander. ‘"It is okay to question Allah": the theology of freedom of Saiid Rabiipour, a Christian ex-Muslim’ in Mary’s Well Occasional Papers, 1:4, September (Nazareth, Israel: Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary, 2012).

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