Thursday, May 1, 2014

Faculty Publication: "Religious Freedom in Israel-Palestine"

An article by our lecturer in Church History, Alex Miller, was recently published in St Francis Magazine, Vol 10:1, April 2014.

The title of the article is "Religious Freedom in Israel-Palestine: may Muslims become Christians, and do Christians have the freedom to welcome such converts?"

Here is the abstract:

This research represents a continuation and elaboration on Miller’s research for the Christianity and Freedom project, presented in Rome in December of 2013. This article seeks to understand the challenges and context of Christians who are also ex-Muslims in the Holy Land. Attention is paid to the difference between the contexts in the West Bank and Israel, and how the established Christian Churches sometimes safeguard their own precarious sense of security by turning away Muslims who seek to know more about the Christian faith and converts from Islam.

You can download the PDF from Dr. Miller's page or from St Francis Magazine.

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