Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013, the year in review

Our seminary president, Azar Ajaj, has composed this summary of some of the significant goals that we have accomplished at NETS throughout 2013. Download the PDF of the progress report HERE.

Throughout 2013 we also published three Mary's Well Occasional Papers, which you can download here:

MWOP 2:1, by Philip Sumpter, "Bibliography of Arabophone Christianity in Israel and Palestine".

MWOP 2:2, by Azar Ajaj, "Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary: the first six years".

MWOP 2:3, by Brent Neely, "Caesarea and the Mission of God".

We also saw in 2013 the establishment of our presence on Wikipedia (in English, at least), and sharing a number of old and hard-to-find documents through our blog.

Our seminary also saw some key changes in personnel, with the departure of our founding president, J. Bryson Arthur, and the appointment of our second and current president. Also, Phil Hill returned to Wales and Alex Miller to the USA. But 2013 also saw the addition of Andraus Abu Ghazale as our new director of ministerial formation, and a new initiative to visit local biblical and historical sites under the direction of Kamal Farah which has been well-received by local Christians.

We look forward to more accomplishments in 2014.

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