Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miller Botero on Theological Anthropology and Mission

This is not a recent writing of mine, but as it is very related to questions of mission and witness I felt it was worth  posting to our website. The research paper was submitted to the faculty of St Mary's University (San Antonio, Texas) towards the completion of the degree of MA in Theology.

Abstract: A missiological essay on theological anthropology, seeking to balance aspects of the human being and the sacramental, charismatic and evangelical Christian traditions. The author argues that balancing these three traditions corresponds to balancing the body, spirit, and mind of the human being, and that this balance is essential to the success of the Church as it engages its misssion in the world.
Key Words: evangelicalism, charismatic Christianity, sacramentality, theological anthropology, mission.

Citation: Miller Botero, Duane Alexander. 'The Lights we have Kindled'. Unpublished research paper. San Antonio, Texas: St Mary's University 2005.

Get the PDF here. The essay is also available here.

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